Spirit Damaging Wind Storms


Damage caused by strong winds in the potting shed

This is an apology.  I am aware that you my readers may not be interested in all my post topics.  Gardeners may not be interested in my upcycling posts.  Cooks and bakers may not be interested in my community garden projects.  It is for this reason I prefer to keep my week posts, balanced with numerous topics.

For my readers who enjoy gardening, I appologise for the lack of posts for you, this last fortnight. It has been weeks of heavy rains, storms and spirit challenging winds.

Today I venturted out to survey the damage caused from the last two nights of 45 knot winds.

I walked into the potting shed and walked straight out.  I couldn’t face the mess or the loss of stored seeds that are now scattered across the ground amongst broken glass.

Not sure when I will venture back into the shed to clean up the mess.  Probably on a spirit uplifting sunny day.


6 thoughts on “Spirit Damaging Wind Storms

  1. Oh dear, sorry Sahrn. That makes me want to jump on a plane to come help clean up :0(. Maybe take it in small steps…? I recently started putting the timer on for my youngest son to clean his room for 5 minutes/day and it’s amazing how much more doable that is compared to doing it all at once. Good luck!

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    • You are so sweet Kristen. Wise advise my cyber friend! Take it in pieces – bit by bit. Truthfully it is an opportunity to come up with a better more secure storage system for my seeds (especially when I use tiny glass jars). I’ll take a deep breath and venture back into the potting shed soon. Thankyou 🙂

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