Believing in Our Dream


Cottage in a Winery at Sutton Forrest NSW


Home made jam shop in Berrima NSW


Sutton Forrest in Southern Highlands NSW

I’ve been looking through the photos captured from last week’s sight seeing adventures with my family (showing family who were staying with us, around where we live). 

Almost two years ago, we lived in the inner City of Sydney.  For seven years we dreamt, planned and actioned change, that allowed us to eventually move to an area we saw as ‘Bliss’.  We are now living that Bliss in the Wollondilly area, base of the Southern Highlands of NSW (South of Sydney).

So many people said “wish we could do what you have done”.  Our response is “what’s stopping you?”

For years there was much standing in our way, of achieving the work / life balance in our semi rural lifestyle, that we currently enjoy.

Belief in our dream, was the fundamental reason we are now living our dream.  Belief that it was possible, belief that we deserved it and belief that it was important.

Challenges were overcome because of our belief.

What do you believe about your dreams? Really, truthfully believe?

10 thoughts on “Believing in Our Dream

    • Yes it is a very hard question Elisa and you are correct – you can’t achieve your dreams if you don’t know what they are. Thankyou for your continued support my friend! Give my love to Mr G B. ☺


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