A New Space Dedicated to Growing Edibles – the Design


Still taking it easy today with my strained back and general exhaustion (think my body is fighting a bug).

Going forward with my Mum’s help (who is visiting for a month), I am planning on tackling the first stage of our garden plan (as above) for behind the back shed /garage.  First stage is building the retaining wall – which once completed, everything else can be planted, built and completed.

I am excited to be ‘opening’ this previous overgrown and neglected area of our garden, to a creative and beautiful space dedicated to growing edible food.

7 thoughts on “A New Space Dedicated to Growing Edibles – the Design

  1. We have my Mum here for a month. She is so much help Julie, especially as I find myself currently in a perfect manic storm of being too busy. It will pass but it is good timing to have my Mum here.


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    • Will be updating as I go along with this and all projects I get up too. In regards to space, don’t be discouraged – before we moved we only had one car space for growing food. From that small space we could grow enough for three meals a week. Even in a unit you can do much.

      Thankyou for following my blog. I appreciate you reading and your comment. ☺


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