Loving Our Liquid Amber Tree in Autumn


I am flat on my back – laying on our lounge room floor.  Fingers crossed this is a temporary strained back and that tomorrow I’ll be back to ‘normal’ again.

From the floor I can see my beloved Liquid Amber tree. From deep green to orange and soon bright red – the tree’s changing leaves puts on a spectacular show.

Not sure if my photograph captures the deciduous grandeur but I hope it adds a little Autumn colour into your day.


4 thoughts on “Loving Our Liquid Amber Tree in Autumn

    • Hello Lovely, without continuous stretching, I quickly come to a total halt these days. The joys of being tall and growing too fast as a teenager mixed with a love of the ‘highest impact’ type sports. Now older it is about lower impact exercise, resistance training, core strength and yes stretching.


    • I wondered if anyone would see our Little One’s fingers over the gate…..you are very observant My Dear!! Feeling better today but taking it easy as I am also exhausted (for no apparent reason). Think my body is fighting a bug. Thank you 🙂 Sorry to read you are having back troubles too Julie. 😦


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