Nature Verses Nurture and Our Environment

A conversation with a friend, some months back is still on my mind.  It intrigued me.

My friend was adopted by a lovely family when she was little, however they never really shared her interests for growing food and sustainability.  What struck me as fascinating, was her biological father, whom she recently tracked down, was in fact a farmer.

Immediately I started to wonder if more is passed through our DNA than what we think.  It is again a debate of nature verus nurture.  When it came to sustainable pursuits, I believed it was all nurture – all we come into contact with and influenced by, after the womb.

I know many of my readers share my fascination with psychology and in particular how it affects our natural environment – our green psychology.  Up until my conversation with my friend, I have believed our psychology was 100% responsible for our response to the environment.  What if however our genes, passed on from our parents, have a little part to play too.


The photograph above is of St Nicholas Street in Aberdeen, Scotland.  My Ancestors the Fyfe’s, owned the haberdashery store on the corner.

I have always found it interesting that there is a long line of direct female decedents from the Fyfe’s that were and are exceptional seamstresses – all would have been frequent customers of that haberdashery store. I have always believed that this was due to purely nurture – mother’s teaching their skills onto their daughters.  Now I wonder if maybe mothers passed more onto their daughters – naturally through their DNA?

The world is a wonderous and magical place. 

Food for thought?

4 thoughts on “Nature Verses Nurture and Our Environment

  1. My word food for thought. Good on you Miss! What a great post … and how interesting to know that your family owned that store. Wow … Scottish heritage for you too then! 😀 Yes, I think we do inherit via DNA, yes we are a product of our environment. I was so very lucky – I have my Dad’s green thumb and a host of other things I inherited from him. A great guy .. Ah, but he didn’t know about permaculture .. maybe I could teach him a thing or two! Big smiles your way Sarhn …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Scottish heritage for you too then Julie! Sounds like we are both blessed with ancestors who were a positive influence on us. Thank you Julie. You are such a positive influence on me too. ☺


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