Wild Slippery Jack Mushrooms


Wild Slippery Jack Mushrooms are new to me.  I have been educated and enlightened by my friend at Little Field Mice Farm.

These yummy free delights grow wild on her farm, underneath the pine trees.  My generous friend gave me lots to take home, last time we met for our local Seed Savers event.

Foraging for wild food is something I enjoy, however mushrooms to date have been out of the question – dangerous with my lack of knowledge. 

Don’t you think it is cool that my friend teaches her children about wild mushroom foraging on their farm?

These Slippery Jack mushrooms have now been cooked up in my homemade soups, quiches and stir fries. Everyone in my family ate them with no fuss or complaint.

I just needed to peel off the skin from the top of the mushrooms, remove the stems, wash them, then squeeze out the water (slippery jack mushrooms are like a sponge).

Interested if you forage for any wild, free food?  What is your experience?

5 thoughts on “Wild Slippery Jack Mushrooms

    • Kristen when we lived in the inner City of Sydney, I started a ‘free food’ map – what is planted where. Very surprisingly was that it would be possible to survive on foraging for free food, within a 3km radius from our home (survive not thrive). Nut and fruit trees, Australian bush tucker trees, wild berries, herbs galore and self seeding veggies growing on public land.

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  2. I remember going mushroom hunting with my dad and aunt when I was a child. Hated the smell of them cooking (still not my favs, actually) but always fun to go hunting after a good autumn rain. I think those fields are a suburban development now. Glad you got the chance to go!

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    • I can’t understand not loving mushrooms. My husband is in agreement with you – I can’t even hide them in a sauce as he will know and hence not eat it. Perhaps his dislike of mushrooms began from childhood, like you.

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