Early Winter Storms for Greater Sydney


What a difference a week makes. Last week I was gardening in a short sleeve top, while this week, warnings were issued not to leave the house for non essential travel.

The photograph is the view from our balcony window.  It is actually in colour – I think it depicts the early winter and stormy conditions rather well. 

Very saddly three people have lost their lives, in what has been called ‘the worst storm in NSW for a decade’. Full houses have been washed away – floating down rivers.

Next week I have family visiting from Queensland.  For my International readers, Queensland is tropical – the second largest State of Australia to the North East. Their catch phrase is; beautiful one day, perfect the next.

I have warned them to be prepared – pack warm clothes, really warm clothes. I am concerned.

At this point of Autumn, the cold conditions are here to stay but I am hoping to see the sun again soon – we don’t want to completely freak out the Queenslanders. Let’s hope they don’t watch the news.


2 thoughts on “Early Winter Storms for Greater Sydney

    • Thankyou Julie. We are fine here, just LOTS of rain. Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley area got the worst of the destructive cyclonic winds. Sun was out today, so we made mud pies since there was no shortage of mud.

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