What to Consider When Designing a New Community Garden?

As previously mentioned, I am again enjoying the starting stages of a new community garden.  If you have read my earlier post (click link above) you will already know, that I believe coming up with a combined, united vision statement is very important.

I have yet to again meet with the others who are committed to building our new community garden but I thought I would share my vision statement I have prepared (still a work in process).

“Together building an edible and sustainable garden that everyone in our town can love and belong.  A place to learn, inspire and have fun, while creating  financial support to care for our community hall.”

Apart from the vision statement, those committed to building the community garden, have also agreed to bring along their garden designs and plans.  I encouraged everyone to dream big and plan what the completed garden will look like.


My grand community garden design is drawn on a very large piece of paper and stuck to our kitchen wall – so I can look and ponder, to ensure I have everything included (in the big dream).

What is included in my community garden design?

* meeting, eating, sitting area
* raised wicking beds with worm tunnels
* herb and sensory garden
* benefical insect attracting plants
* BBQ & cob pizza oven
* chickens? pigs? sheep?
* fruit and nut orchards
* water tanks
* glass house
* shed
* vertical garden
* strawbale gardens
* compost and worm farms
* aquaponics
* no dig gardens
* fun direction sign posts
* green manure plants

If you were in my position, what would you put in your community garden design?  I am looking for suggestions on what I may have overlooked.

8 thoughts on “What to Consider When Designing a New Community Garden?

  1. Wow WOW wow young Lady! Did I mention Wow?!? You have put so much thought and energy into your suggestions. I am not only impressed but generally thankful.

    You SOooooo get the whole community garden concept. A place for everyone to enjoy and be inspired.

    Funny enough your idea for the outdoor meeting early is EXACTLY what I was thinking – right down to the tree log seats. We were thinking of running gardening workshops as one of the ways to build interest in the garden and to financially support the garden and hall.

    I know you have been to my town and other towns in my area. Our community garden is planned right behind our town’s community hall. It will be part of the hall. So we will have access to toilets etc.

    You have made my day!!

    P.S. I love the sun flower garden room. Way cool !


  2. So sorry my comments were brief before. I was doing it in between appointments and on my phone, but I wanted to say how exciting and wonderful I think a community garden is and what an amazing (and comprehensive!) first start you have on your page on your kitchen wall! I have lots of ideas. Take a breath and hold on because you did say ‘Dream Big’, right?

    One thing I’ve always wanted to try to grow and never have is a children’s secret room grown from either sunflowers or corn stalks. A SunFlower House. Have you seen them? I wish I could post a pic in the reply here but here is a link http://www.savvyhousekeeping.com/grow-a-sunflower-house/ All you do is plant a big (like 2m across maybe?) circle of seeds of something fast growing but tall, leaving space on the perimeter to be a ‘door’. Then the plants grow up and up creating a cozy little secret room where kids can hide, or read, or play. You could even make it more formal by constructing a big metal teepee frame which is permanent along which you could grow viney things, like beans, peas, summer squash, which would create the ‘room’ and the children would be able to reach up to pick and harvest whatever was growing and hanging above their heads. I’ve always wanted to do something like that but I dont have the space or sunlight necessary. Perhaps I can live vicariously through you!

    Something else I’d love to see is a Little Free Library box. Have you seen them? We have them around our neighbourhood and city and I think they are the most fabulous things ever. Here is a link http://littlefreelibrary.org/ It is just a small box where people are invited to “Take a Book, Leave a Book” and I think it would be a lovely addition to your community garden.

    Something else I’m looking at maaaybe starting here in Charlotte is a seed lending library like this one http://statelibrarync.org/ldblog/2014/02/24/innovative-programming-seed-lending-library-haywood-county/ I love the idea of ‘lending’ seeds to people at the start of the growing season, then having them collect their grown seeds to return for others to use in the next year. They are starting to pop up here and there (generally run literally through the local library – you literally ‘check out’ your seeds) and there was quite some interest locally when I posited the idea. We’ll see.

    How about a fountain? The sounds of moving water is so therapeutic and fabulous. How about a meditation labyrinth? http://www.soulschoolonline.com/2013/01/inspire-friday-walk-in-peace/ I know they sound so hippy but they are strangely calming and meditative to meander through the paths just pondering your own thoughts, and once built there is very little upkeep.

    How about space for an outdoor classroom/amphitheater where schools/groups could come and have a lesson? Maybe local Rotary clubs, garden clubs etc. Our elementary school has an outdoor classroom which is a big hit – like this http://envirodad.com/contest-designed-to-facilitate-outdoor-learning-in-schools/

    Would you have space for a doggy play area?

    And some kind of bathroom facility (even just a port-a-loo) would be awesome. Coz you know that’s gonna be an issue at some stage.

    OK, that’s enough for now. Lots and lots of other ideas but these are some of my favourites. My friend, you did say ‘dream big’, right?? 🙂

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    • Oohhh community garden notice board, is a wonderful idea. That is going on the piece of paper stuck on my kitchen wall. The community hall already has a small play ground but I love the idea of creating fun and colourful things for children to interact with throughout the garden. You are a very clever young lady!! Thankyou

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