The Dangers of Eating Sultanas

The game started with me laughing.  At two years of age, our Little One finds ‘slap stick’ humourous.

While chatting on the phone, I was trying not to laugh (not to encourage) as our Little One put sultanas up her nose – so they dangled out. She found this hilarious.

However all laughing stopped when one sultana disappeared from view.  Long story short, we again found ourselves sitting in a medical waiting room.


With what felt like ‘half our town’ also at the medical center, we were in for a big wait. The positive side, was that we were able to chat with a friend who was also waiting – and take this photo (thankyou Ingrida).

Just have to ask “why do these emergencies happen when you are wearing your daggy home renovating clothes?”  Covered in paint because I was again ‘sock painting’ our fence.

This post has nothing to do with sustainability – just a funny little story about family life and raising children.

On a side note, I texted my Mum after we saw the doctor to say all had ended well – our Little One was okay. However the simple act of texting was another reminder of how strange modern family life can be.

My phone has a terrible case of preemptive text syndrome.  Instead of saying that the sultana was up our Little One’s nose, my phone changed the text to ‘santana’. Therefore another text was needed to explain that a musician was not the obstacle stuck in our Little One’s nose.

You got to laugh.  🙂


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