A Mother’s Conflicted and Broken Sustainable Heart


On Saturday there was a large, evening festival for Wollondilly (our semi rural town area).

Upon arriving at the festival, I immediately knew I was going to be challenged.  Hundreds of helium balloons were being handed out to children.  Every child had a bright balloon attached to their wrist.

How do I as a sustainable Mum say “no” to a two year old child, who’s face shines with pure balloon excitement?

Sometimes being a sustainable Mum is challenging – in ways I never expected before I had children.

As you can tell from the photo, our Little One loves her balloon – even to the point of insisting she sleeps with it.

On Sunday (yesterday) as we ventured out and about, the balloon had to come too.  However as the balloon escape from her hands, it was not our Little One who got upset but my sustainable heart that broke.

I watched the balloon float up to the air, knowing the possible damage it will do to our waterways and marine life, when it eventually comes down.

In conclusion I have to admit that I don’t have advice for better dealing with these unsustainable childhood moments – no deep, profound words of wisdom to offer.  I just wanted to share my conflicted heart with you.

So not to beat myself up, I am choosing to focus on the ‘successful’ sustainable lessons our Little One has learnt (not what she/we still have to learn).  After all, at two years of age she already knows what edible food she can snack on in the garden. Bless her little garden foraging heart!

4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Conflicted and Broken Sustainable Heart

  1. Lovely story. Just quietly, because it’s a very sad situation and I feel heartbroken for her and her family and fiancé, but I was traumatized by all the yellow balloons they were letting fly. Made me think I should put something in my will….no balloons and no flowers 😢💐🎈😢

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    • Hello Lovely, I watched the footage on the TV and had the same reaction as you. I would like to see the planned releasing of helium balloons banned. Like you my heart aches for her family, friends and the town. What should of been a time of celebration has become a time of grief. I can only imagine the pain and loss they are all feeling.


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