Creating a Cubby House Sign for the Fairies



Ta Daaaa! The fun cubby house sign is completed.

It became evident that having a cubby house sign was important, as the fairies were getting lost.

I still have more plans for the cubby……

6 thoughts on “Creating a Cubby House Sign for the Fairies

  1. Oh drats I had speed read it looked like it was a word with a “H” in it and I was totally disgusted, then of course I reread it and chuckled. 😀
    Note to self: Speed reading doesn’t always work.

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    • Becky you have given my husband and I, minutes of pure laughter. Not sure what ‘word’ you are referring to or what letter in that word, but we have been trying to work it out. I have tears flowing from laughing – my husband is good at this game. Bless you and your speed reading fun!


  2. I love a great cubby house. They are called ‘forts’ over here, a hardening back to the pre-civil war days, perhaps. Doesn’t have the same magical air as a ‘cubby house’ though. Maybe I need a sign for my boys, too.

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    • Yes I think you do need a sign for your boys fort. However your boys may be more interested in attracting elves or hobbits or gnomes rather than fairies.


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