Heirloom Seeds – an Amazing Journey of Discovery into a Lost World


Red bananas
Purple carrots
Yellow beetroot
White egg plants
Multi coloured corn
Lemon tasting cucumber
Brightly coloured spinach
Fully ripe yellow tear drop tomatoes
Fully grown, tiny compact capsicums

They are all examples of old heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetable – you won’t find them at any supermarket.

To grow heirlooms is to challenge one’s experiences and senses.

Want to start growing heirlooms? Check out The Diggers Club for information and seed purchases.

To grow only non heirloom varieties, is frankly to be boring. You can disagree.


5 thoughts on “Heirloom Seeds – an Amazing Journey of Discovery into a Lost World

  1. I think in the last 100 years we have lost something like 90% of our veg heirloom varieties. There used to be something like 20 odd asparagus varieties, numerous corn, rice, carrots were always purple .. ah gee, what have we done? Shame isn’t it Miss! To grow non heirloom is most certainly boring and worse when they are F1 hybrids .. but let’s not go there 🙂 Don’t quote me though .. I’m a nutty organic girl, who loves her garden and growing things in it!

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    • 90% is what experts believe Julie. More of a concern is very few people know this or understand what that means to humanity. Being an heirloom gardener is to rebell against the trend and to start the process of reclaiming our food security right against the naughty big seed companies. Let’s quote ‘Life of Brian’ – He’s not the Messiah but a very naughty boy (or seed company).

      I guess I am a nutty organic girl too who watched too many Monty Python movies in my childhood.

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