Upcycling a Security Door to a Pot Plant Hanger Garden Feature

When my family first heard these words from me “don’t throw it out as I will use it for something”, they were concerned.

Concerned that perhaps I’ll become a hoarder.  However this isn’t their concern today.  Now when I mention my intentions for saving ‘junk’ there is total support.

Why the change? I have ensured that they have witnessed numerous finished projects – giving them comfort and confidence that ‘junk’ won’t be filling our home.

It is another reminder that ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking’ is more influential.

Several months ago I removed a broken security screen door, from an unused section of our verandah.  You may recall I renovated and decorated this area to become a children’s cubby play space. The removed security screen door was to become a future upcycling project – which I have just completed.


I have painted it racing car red, secured it to the outside of our house (adjacent to the kid’s cubby space). Small ‘S hooks’ have been added so old, unused tea cups can hang.

Soon I’ll drill small drainage holes in the cups, fill with soil and plant herbs, flowers or succulents – anything my heart desires.  I will of course share photos when plants are growing.

I am in two minds regarding the design of the cups.  Should I paint them all silver or leave them in situ?


5 thoughts on “Upcycling a Security Door to a Pot Plant Hanger Garden Feature

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