My Favourite and Easy Way to Save Tomato Seeds


Simple and effective are adjectives that describe my gardening preferred style.  I am not retired.  I have a business and I am a Mum to an active toddler.  Even though I am passionate about sustainable living, it needs to also be time effective.  Hence why I mostly opt for easy and effective solutions.

Hence saving food seeds to plant for next season, needs to be quick. So this is what I do for saving tomato seeds:

* Slice tomatoes in half (or quarters for larger tomatoes) and squirt the seeds onto paper towels.
* Try to evenly spread the seeds around with your finger.
* Allow the seeds to completely dry onto the paper towels.
* Fold up each paper towel to fit into a small clean recycled jar. Store safely.
* Make sure the jar is labeled with what seeds are inside.
* Next season take the paper towels out of the jars.  With scissors cut small sections off the towel – only having a couple of seeds on each section.
* Plant each section of seeds into your prepared garden bed.

I also find this method easier for planting and allocating space between plants.   If more than one seed germinates from each section, I then just thin out the plants (choose the healthiest looking plant and remove the rest from that section).

* NOTE You need to make sure your tomato seeds come from open pollinated or heirloom tomatoes.  Don’t try this with grocery store purchased tomatoes.  Otherwise you might get a great bushy plant with no tomatoes.

Pretty easy hey!?!


5 thoughts on “My Favourite and Easy Way to Save Tomato Seeds

  1. So you direct seed straight in to the garden? Mind. Blown. I always thought you had to mess around with pots and grow lights and … I can’t stand it. Planting them straight in to the garden is opening a whole new world for me! Def gonna try this this year. Thx!

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    • Yes GreenEggs, I don’t attempt to remove the dry seeds from the paper towel. Next season I’ll just cut small pieces from the towel then plant the pieces into the soil (seed side up). Think of the piece of towel as a seed. Very simple tomato seed saving technique. BTW I got your email (this week has been nuttier than normal). I will get onto it for you. l’ll keep you posted.

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