Another Toddler Inspired Embarrassing Moment with Stickers

Today our Little One and I are going to a Wiggles Concert.  Have you heard of the Wiggles?  Apparently they are Australia’s highest paid musical band – an International children’s entertainment act.

I am a little excited (ok very excited).

It will be good to get out and about.  As it has been raining these last couple of days, we have been playing outside with our rain coats and inside creating art – with stickers, colourful paper and crayons.

Two days ago, our Little One thought it would be fun to put colourful paper and stickers on Mummy’s face.  The problem with this game is that it doesn’t take long for one’s sensory receptors on the face, to ‘forget’ the stickers are there.  Hence why I answered the door, to sign for a parcel, looking like this.


Immediately I understood why the courier was smirking at me.  I’m grateful that this sticker episode wasn’t as embarrassing as the last one.

Hope this puts a smile on your face today.


4 thoughts on “Another Toddler Inspired Embarrassing Moment with Stickers

    • Our Little One had a blast and so did I, seriously it was a lot of fun! Can you image a room full of children all signing and dancing together. Love the Wiggles!


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