Simple Suggestions on Taking Better Photos for Ebay

Before our Little One arrived, my husband and I lived in the inner city of Sydney. As business professionals we were time poor so selling stuff we didn’t want through Ebay, wasn’t a time effective option.  Instead we used to give away, what we didn’t need or want.

Fast forward to today, we have both structured our businesses and work so we have much more time at home with our Little One – in our new semi rural home.

We still give lots of stuff away however now we also sell items through Ebay – sometimes to reinvest the money into new items we need (as our Little One grows) or sometimes to just find a home for an item that we don’t want to go to landfill (Ebay has the most users so hence we are more likely to find someone looking for our item and hence saving it from landfill).

As I look through Ebay’s many listings, I am constantly amazed at what photos people use, trying to sell their stuff. 

So with all that said, from a professional photographer’s point of view, here are some basic and simple suggestions to consider when taking photos of your stuff for selling on Ebay:

1) Avoid using flash.  It is harsh and unflattering to most items.  If possible move your item to a part of the house that is brighter.

2) Even lighting is always best.  You don’t want your items in half shade, half light.  All even light is what you want.

3) Crop, crop, crop!  You don’t need to see Grandma’s rocking chair in the background.  Again if possible move your items so the background isn’t distracting.  A plain white wall in a bright room works a treat.

4) Pay attention to the item you are photographing.  If it has been in the garage for years, clean it up before photographing it.

5) Many angles, sides and views.  Ebay allows 12 free photographs for each item so get busy snapping different angles of your item i.e front view, side view, back view, close up of the branding or a shot of any extras.

6) It’s not the camera but the photographer.  All the photographs below of the pram we are selling, was taken on just my mobile phone.

The photographs of an Ebay listing is the first thing people will see.  Take the time and effort to make them as good as possible. Considering most Ebay photos are shocking, if you do take the effort,  then you are more likely ahead of the game.


Selling our baby pram that we no longer need which we originally purchased second hand.


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