Cooking Quinces for the First Time

A lovely local lady gave me a number of quinces from her tree.  At the time, I had never heard of quinces, let alone know what to do with them.

Thankyou to Little Field Mice Farm and Frog Pond Farm for their quince cooking advice.

It appeared easy enough. Just peel the quinces and slice (avoiding the core). Add to a saucepan and cover quince slices with water. Add half a cup of sugar to every kilo of quince (weigh them before putting in water is helpful).

Bring to boil and let them simmer for three hours.  The water will turn orange
red and the quinces will be very soft when ready.

At this stage I made some custard to go with the quinces.


So I served up cooked quince with custard for dessert.


The result?

Hubbie wasn’t interested in even trying, our Little One would not eat it and to be honest I wasn’t in love with the desert either.

So now I have a lot of cooked quince that no one will eat.

What did I do?  Baked a quince and blueberry bread cake, slice.  Everyone is currently eating that!  Tomorrow I will share the recipe.

5 thoughts on “Cooking Quinces for the First Time

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  2. How innovative of you to transfer them into another (more familiar) dessert! You have taught me that being sustainable can be a dynamic endeavor of which giving up is not an option. 🙂

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  3. Oh dear me .. I have poached them before – cooked them for hours with cinnamon and some other spice (can’t remember) they were nice. Plus I made jam with them and quince paste (divine). Google Sarhn and see if you can resurrect them in some way. Oh what a shame ..

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    • I think Julie that the taste was different from any other cooked fruit (that we were all used to). I used all the cooked quince now in a quince and blueberry bread cake, slice. Everyone enjoyed eating the slice – it’s all gone now Julie. I will share my recipe tomorrow (it’s gluten and dairy free).


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