Teaching Your Children to Grow Food


This weekend I had the chance to get into the garden with our Little One.  Only two years old and she loves planting seeds with her Mummy.

I truly believe, teaching children to grow food is a wonderful gift to give them.  Even if you have no idea of growing your own food, you can still be a great teacher – the best way to learn is to teach (in my humble opinion).

If you have never grown any plants before but want to start your teaching edible garden – what do I suggest?

*  Start with a large garden pot as your garden (I starting growing out of pots because at the time I didn’t have a garden).

* Choose a location that gets at least six hours of sunshine a day and preferably with shade protection from the harsh late summer afternoon light (remember pots can be moved if you change your mind on the location).

* Fill your garden pot with good organic potting mixture and organic compost – 1 part compost to 2 parts potting mixture. Soil is very important for the success of the plants – edible plants need organic matter to feed on, so hence why add extra compost (organic potting mixture and compost can be purchased at your local nursery ).

* My choice of seeds if teaching children, is cherry tomatoes (if planting in spring) or sugar snap peas (if planting in Autumn).  Both these plants will produce food that children can eat straight off the plant and are relatively easy to grow.  Please note both of these plants will need help supporting their weight – tie them against a fence, wooden stake etc as they grow.

* Water daily.

Children get so much enjoyment from growing their own food.  I believe one of the reasons, our Little One is a good fruit and vegetable eater, is because of the excitement she has picking her own food to eat.

If you have never grown your own food,  my bet is you will be equally excited when the plant starts to grow.

Just have fun!


6 thoughts on “Teaching Your Children to Grow Food

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    • Teaching the next generation to be sustainably aware is paramount for their parents, teachers and care givers. Teaching them to be connected to where their food comes from and to have control over what they eat by growing it themselves or sourcing it locally is the future (ironically it was also our past but we forgot it). Thanks April 🙂


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