Sustainable and Balanced Blogging – part 2

On Saturday night, I tweeted about my commitment to support prominent Aussie sustainable blogger Gavin Webber from Greening of Gavin.

Last week Gav and I had a long conversation on the phone (yes cyber bloggers chatting in person with each other – crazy I know).  I first wrote about my thoughts from our conversation in my ‘Sustainable and Balanced Blogging part 1′ post.

It was Gav’s post asking for help and support that motivated me to pick up the phone. Gav and I have been blogging about sustainability since 2008 however Gav has posted almost every day while I only fortnightly or monthly (until this year when I have started posting daily).

Gav’s seven years of daily blog posts, web casts and videos, has built into a massive library of valuable content on living sustainably. However all this content is also a cost for Gav each month in hosting fees etc – coming out of his pocket as he wants to keep is content free to inspire and support others to change.

However Gav realises finally that blogging about sustainability also must be sustainable.

Gav chooses to limit Google Ads on his site (otherwise he gets Ads for alcohol and gambling which he felt strongly was against his blog intentions).

After investigating and thinking deeply on many options, Gav decided the way to keep blogging was to ask for help – to ask for patrons (from $1 a month).

Personally I felt it would be a huge loss for Australia (and all the world) if Gavin stopped blogging or even post less content.  That’s way I have become a Greening of Gavin patron.

Thanks for all you do Gav!!



3 thoughts on “Sustainable and Balanced Blogging – part 2

  1. Cold process soap making – I bet if someone told you, that you would be teaching how to make your own soap ten years ago, you would of not believed it.


  2. You’re most welcome Sarhn, and thank you so much for your support.

    I was a bit tardy on the blog last night, only because I was interviewed by a student from University of Florida at 10pm in the evening. He is conducting research on Leadership, and chose me. I was flattered. Besides that I taught a class of 7 yesterday in Cold Process Soap making. They really enjoyed the class, and all went away with smiles on their faces.

    I will publish the interview via podcast this Wednesday evening. I think it will be quite informative.

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