My First Post Written Inside a Cot


A tiny glowing children’s carousel is all I can see – other than my illuminated smart phone.

It is now 9.30pm. Two and a half hours past our Little One’s bed time.  Usually a good sleeper, her current reluctance to go to sleep these last couple of days, is trying. 

This photo was actually taken from within her cot (I am amazed that I fit).  I have tried everything else so why not get into the cot with her.  She starts to settle as I start to write.

I believe I am a good mum.  However the lack of sleep can change how I feel about my parenting abilities.  I am like every other Mother and get cranky, angry and impatient when over tired.  Again I am not a Super Woman.

In blogosphere it is easy to describe a perfect utopia world of finished projects, healthy home made snacks, inspiring veggie gardens and gorgeous upcycled furniture. I just feel it is important to occasionally balance such posts with what doesn’t work and or the challenges I face.

Honesty can be a wonderful gift to others who are overwhelmed,  discouraged and tired. 

It is now just past 10pm and she has started to snore.  I will stay beside her for a little while longer, just to be certain and to savour the silence.

10 thoughts on “My First Post Written Inside a Cot

  1. I remember being desperate enough to climb into a crib with a baby who wouldn’t sleep. I remember being super squished, my legs like pretzels that went numb after a time but I didn’t care. With my first child I was all about the ‘rules’ and ‘teaching him to self-soothe’. By the time the second one came along I was all about ‘whatever works’, and sometimes climbing in the crib to nurse or comfort was what worked. No judgement here, my friend! Sounds like you are doing an amazing job xxx

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    • Thankyou GreenEggs. My gut tells me that sometimes breaking the ‘rules’ is the right thing to do in certain circumstances. Sleep is king in our household. 🙂 BTW watch out for Sunday’s post (your Saturday) – I have written it with you in mind. It little surprise for you. 🙂


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