The Fun of Testing Clever Patch

A large unopened Clever Patch box has sat under our entry table for two weeks….waiting for our Little One and I to open and play. 

Over the years of blogging, I have been asked numerous times if I would like free product to trial (in the hope of gaining favorable comments in a future blog post).  Generally I have said “no” cause frankly having a brand new luxurious car for a weekend with a picnic hamper, grates against everything I write about (yes this was an example of what I’m offered).

However an Australian owned company making cool kid’s art and craft projects grabbed my attention.  I checked their website and at first impression, it looked as if they were a company who cared about their impact on the environment – so I said “yes” to receiving a Clever Patch free sample pack.


Finally opening the box, the texters and crayons was what our Little One grabbed first.  I wonder if Clever Patch realise how exciting their box apparently is.


While the box, crayons and texters kept her occupied, I looked through the art & craft project packages, catalog and even website.

There is no doubt in my mind that Clever Patch is built on a passion for children’s creativity and development through art & craft.  I actually wished I knew about Clever Patch months ago, as I would have preferred to buy their non toxic art paints for our cubby mural.

Honestly there are a number of art & craft projects I spotted in the catalog that I would love not only for our Little One but also the Little One inside me (my inner child). Projects like willow birdhouses, terracotta plant labels and bamboo wind chimes.

However even though the catalog itself has a FSC logo (paper sourced from responsible and sustainable sources), I couldn’t be sure from the catalog or website if the paper or wood products sold are also from sustainable sources. 

Clever Patch are your gorgeous colored paper, FSC certified too?  Are your cool animal chair kits made from responsibly sourced wood?  If so, tell the world!  Make it clear that your products are made with sustainable materials.  If not, then I would encourage you to rethink and research making a change.  I am very interested in your response Clever Patch, as I am genuinely interested in becoming a customer.

In finishing I thought I would share the sun catcher, our Little One and I made together (from one of Clever Patches craft projects).  We had fun playing and creating together.



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