Manual and Assisted Self Seeding Gardening Techniques

Autumn is my favourite time of the year in the garden.

Over the weekend, I have been planting for Autumn and Winter – ensuring we have food growing in our veggie patches throughout Winter.

So far I have planted broccoli, kale, lettuces, spinach, snow peas and coriander by seed – using two techniques (which happens to be my best two techniques for seed germination rate success).

1) Manually plant seeds directly into the garden beds, then thin them out (allowing the allocated space needed between plants). This has been more successful than transplanting from trays, toilet paper rolls etc.

2) Assist with plant’s ‘self seeding’ process.  Plants that ‘go to seed’ and allowed to stay in the ground, will disperse it’s seed via the wind for the next season.   I like to give a little direction with this self seeding process, by often pulling the seeding plant out and placing it in the vicinity of where I would like the seeds to disperse.


Curly leaf lettuce plant that has gone to seed, pulled out of the garden.


Placed the seeding curly leaf lettuce plant above a garden bed. Allowing seeds to disperse below into the garden bed.


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