Children’s Verandah Cubby Play Area – a Birthday Present

I had grand plans for our Little One’s cubby house, so despite a month of bad health, I am proud to say I finished (just in time for her birthday as this was to be her present).

The cubby house is positioned in an enclosed section of our verandah that we don’t use, as it was in desperate need of renovating and repairing.  So before any cubby decorating could commence, I had a lot of renovating to do.

Even though the cubby is finished, I still have more ideas and hence will continue to add fun items in the coming weeks.

Everything used, has been recycled, restored or upcycled, with a good dash of healthy creativity and imagination.


Upcycled an ugly picture frame into a chalk board. Paint tin upcycled to a chalk holder. Paint brush upcycled to a decoration.


Kid's arm chair picked up from a curb side clean up and restored.


Cubby has a wonderful view of the East side garden. Lamp shades upcycled to fun chandeliers.


Hand painted fairy tree mural as a special cubby backdrop.


A section of our special birthday message for our Little One - as part of the painted mural

The only new items purchased was skirting board, black board paint, red gloss paint and chalk.

Take a look back at what this area looked like before the renovation and cubby decorating started.

May our Little One have many fun, creative and happy years playing in her cubby with her friends.

10 thoughts on “Children’s Verandah Cubby Play Area – a Birthday Present

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    • Kristen she plays in there a lot now. My Hubbie and I are excited to add much more fun in her cubby soon. Hoping she will love to take her friends into her cubby when they come over – her very own play space.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you GreenEggs. My creative ‘inner child’ is running free and wild. I love that she bangs on the back door now to be let outside – running around the corner to play in her cubby. She LOVES it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Julie. The cubby is still looking bare – I just wasn’t able to get everything done with being sick. Still to come is a barn style entrance door with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ secret insert door (only those who can fit through the Alice in Wonderland door may enter the cubby). Also a large magnetic ‘white board’ that I was planning on turning into another colour and restore a kids kitchen to place in the cubby too. Maybe a large fun kid’s snakes and laddies rug too.

      Julie as you can tell I am a big kid. 🙂


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