It Appears I Was Wrong About Chickpeas

Recently I wrote about foraging for chickpeas with our Little One.

My observation and research led me to believe chickpeas only grow three to six pods per plant (a lot of work for little bounty).

However after picking all the chickpeas a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that new pods started growing straight away.  Our Little One and I, will soon be foraging for chickpeas to eat again.

Let me tell you, if you have never had fresh chickpeas before, then you have missed out.  They are so sweet.  Would a toddler gobble them up if they weren’t delicious?

I can highly recommend growing your own fresh chickpeas – especially if you have young children.  They will love picking the pods then eating the treasure inside.


3 thoughts on “It Appears I Was Wrong About Chickpeas

  1. I love chickpeas! they are divine. And goes without saying, they are fabulous with chilli. I grew a plant a few years back near my tomatoes – but sadly it got forgotten and didn’t get any TLC. They are a nitrogen fixer so really good to have in your garden 🙂

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    • Julie it’s funny that I started to grow chickpeas as purely nitrogen fixers but then realised just how yummy fresh chickpeas are (nothing like what you get out of a can). I am now a chickpea groupie!

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