Edible Garden Resilience


Over the last month, I have commented numerous times that I am feeling better all the time.  Well at the time of writing such comments, the statement was true.  However in reflection it has been one step forward then a major slide back.

Two nights ago, after everything else I was struck down by a life sucking stomach bug (has it all been the same bug?).

In this sickness period, I have ventured little into the garden.  This was a forced garden resilience test – how would the vegetable patches cope without my care and intervention?

The golden zucchinis are huge, tomatoes abundant, silverbeet happy and pumpkins oblivious to my absence.
However the caterpillars have eaten half of my lettuces and birds have made a mess of the newly seed planted spinach bed.

Coming into Autumn I know I have to start planning and planting – just got to get myself well.


7 thoughts on “Edible Garden Resilience

  1. Sorry to hear you are dealing with stomach ickies! If they are recurring, then have you ever taken probiotics? Maybe everyone does in Australia, or maybe it isn’t as needed, but here they help with stomach issues quite a bit. Glad you are in the mend and back in the garden!

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    • I have been thinking of maybe adding something extra to my healing regime. Thankyou I will look into it. As it has been years that I have taken antibiotics, I find I get over bugs quickly. However every couple of years I get a big bug that takes some time. This must be the year. Thankyou for your concern and thoughts. 🙂

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