Environmental Thinking With Your Investments


We believe our rental tenants are like VIP clients. Therefore we are quick to resolve any issues.

So when I was advised the stove in one property was broken again, I knew it was time the oven needed to be replaced (I took the photo so I could remember which element wasn’t working this time).

Being committed to making daily decisions that are best for sustainability, also includes our investments.

So after checking the oven measurements we went shopping / researching online. Unfortunately we didn’t have much choice with the new oven brand because we could only find one which would fit into the tight space. However choices of where we could buy the oven were plentiful.

We decided on buying the oven from 2ndsWorld because they offered a service that no one else did.  For an extra cost they take the old oven away to be recycled.

This service was a better choice for our natural resource limited world.

I will now tell 2ndsWorld the reason we purchased from them (their recycling service) and perhaps I will tell the other companies I didn’t buy from them because they didn’t have a recycling service. 


4 thoughts on “Environmental Thinking With Your Investments

  1. 2ndsWorld sounds like one of the few responsible businesses out there. That little touch of recycling the old appliance, just made them your sale. It just goes to show that is a business cares about their customers needs, and that of the environment, it goes on to reap rewards.

    Well done Sarhn x

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    • Especially as they were not the cheapest option but had the best environmental and service option. The more customers choose and demand sustainable options the more businesses will provide. Thanks Gav 🙂


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