Visit to Little Field Mice Farm & Elderflower Wine

Last Saturday, together with my local Seed Savers group, we visited the Little Field Mice Farm.

Before we all learnt about making elderflower wine, we were given a guided tour of the farm.  It wasn’t just the children who had a brilliant time.






After the tour and lunch, it was time to get stuck into learning all things elderflower.  Also as a surprise we were going to learn about apple cider making.


Now for the sad truth……  It was at this point my Little One started to loose it.  She was tired.  Tired from a lack of sleep, tired from a big day and tired from fighting the virus we both have had.

So with a very heavy heart, I bundled her up into the car and drove home.  Yep I missed the workshop.  Any parent will know exactly how I felt driving away from something I have been so excited to partake in.

However I am so glad that I was still able to attend.  The farm was inspirational and as always it was very enjoyable to be around friendly, like minded people.

The good news for those readers who were hanging out for elderflower wine making information, is that Macarthur Seed Savers will be updating their blog shortly with the details.  As soon as they do I will add a comment below with the link.  I’m happy to notify you personally of the posted details if you leave a comment to let me know.

In Conclusion?
Despite the day ending differently to planned, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day.  Thank you Little Field Mice Farm!!!

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