It Is Not Personal


My dress strap snapped while I was twisting around, trying to entertain our Little One in the back seat of the car (don’t worry, Hubbie was driving).

I showed the detached strap to Hubbie and sighed “It’s not personal”.  The statement was a personal reminder.

The strap was another irritation to my day’s long list of ‘things gone wrong’. My annoyance was compounded by my lingering bad health (still fighting my bug).

As more proof that I am not a Super Woman, such days have the potential to make me very grumpy.

However I have learnt my need to quickly control my reactions – not allowing them to control me.

So hence I will often remind myself to keep perspective by loudly announcing:

“It’s not personal”
“This is a first world problem”
“Fight the fights that are worth fighting”
“Remember to breath Sarhn”

I am confident that there are readers right now thinking “what does this have to do with sustainability or the environment?”

My answer is EVERYTHING!

Our psychology, beliefs and even self awareness impacts every aspect of our life and environment – not only personal environment but the natural environment too.

This concept fascinates me and hence I often ponder the implications. 

I call it ‘A Green Psychology’ and have written many posts (under the category ‘A Green Psychology’) exploring why and how our individual psychology impacts our environment.

If I have sparked your curiosity or you are already interested in human behaviour regarding the environment, let’s chat – would love to know your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “It Is Not Personal

  1. Hi Sarhn. There is a book which might interest you entitled ‘Engaging with climate Change – Psychoanalytic and interdisciplinary perspectives’, edited by Sally Weintrobe.
    There is also a 30 minute launch with a few of the authors speaking about their contribution.
    Google: ‘Engaging With Climate Change: Psychoanalytic … – YouTube’

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