Our Verandah Cubby House Update

It is’nt long now till our Little One turns two.  Her birthday present will be a Cubby House, that we are creating for her in an unused section of the verandah. 

My goal was to not only use upcycled items to decorate the cubby but also to do all the building / restoring work myself.

With three weeks lost due to illness, I was starting to become concerned about the completion deadline.

However after two days dedicated to the cubby, I feel that I’m back on track.

Here is a sneak peak of how it is looking.  The back wall mural is not yet finished.  Imagine the tree trunk with leaves shaped as butterflies and fairy silhouettes dancing on the branches.


Check out what this area looked like before renovating and the cubby house decorating commenced.

I am very excited about sharing the finished cubby ‘masterpiece’ with you all soon.


4 thoughts on “Our Verandah Cubby House Update

    • Thank you GreenEggs. To be honest I can’t wait to see it finished too – it has been a huge undertaking. I know this birthday present will keep ‘giving’ for so many years. I can see our Little One playing in the cubby with all her friends. 🙂


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