Native American Food Planting Technique Update

It’s been almost five months since trialing an old Native American crop planting technique.

What I Would Do Differently?

* Next time I would allow the corn to grow to at least 50cm before planting the beans – ensuring the corn stalks are strong for the beans to attach to.

* I will only grow one variety of heirloom corn at any season.Β  Even though different varieties were grown at least 15 meters apart, I think cross pollination still occurred – meaning some of my corn got ‘muddled’ up and hence not great to eat (we get strong wind storms).

In Conclusion

* Overall I felt the experiment was a success and I will be planting beans, corn and pumpkin together again next season. The corn has now finished producing but the stalks remain – providing support for the beans. The bean growing season is not over yet.



9 thoughts on “Native American Food Planting Technique Update

  1. This is one of my favourite planting combinations. I also add in sunflowers at the top of the bed and do the bean thing with these too. Great idea to let the corn get growing firstly. The only prob I found with this, is Auckland is humid and watering on top of the cucurbit leaves causes powdery mildew. Damn! The rats also helped me eat the corn, so I threw my toys out of the cot LOL

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