Getting Much Needed and Often Forgotten Vitamin G


I knew I was very ill these last couple of days, when I didn’t want to venture into the garden.

However the worst is over and the sun was shinning and I had enough strength – I longed for some vitamin G!

The Garden (vitamin G) is what I was craving.  Much needed medicine for my health and wellbeing. Harvesting produce from the garden, gave me a much needed lift to my spirits.

Potatoes, silverbeet, tomatoes, sorrell,  parsley, carrots and beans – all made a healthy and yummy lunch.

As always my little gardening shadow helped her Mummy pick the produce – signaling we were both feeling much better.


7 thoughts on “Getting Much Needed and Often Forgotten Vitamin G

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  2. My garden is merely a collection of pots, but I often come home from work and go out to admire them and touch the leaves even if they don’t need watering or there’s nothing else needs doing.

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    • I bet that even though your garden is ‘merely a collection of pots’ that it has become a fortress of solace for you – a place where you can just ‘be’. Gardens have the ability to absorb our stress. 🙂


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