Australia’s Future Food Security – Imported Frozen Fruit Concerns


Sure, it’s knowledge that knows a tomato is a fruit.

And sure, it’s wisdom that knows that a tomato doesn’t belong in fruit salad.

However it is experience that proves home grown tomatoes taste best and locally grown produce is the safest. 

Recently Australia has been hearing the news of frozen imported fruit, leading to many people contracting Hepatitis A. 

I wonder if this will be the ‘lighting bulb moment’ that will awaken my beloved Country from it’s indifference to their food production. Why don’t the majority of Australians care about where their food comes from?

If however you do care about your food production – where your food is grown and produced (e.g. canned, frozen):

1) Buy locally grown produce. Support your local farmers and ensure your food is safe for consumption.

2) Buy locally produced food products. Dick Smith brand uses Australian grown produce and all profits go to charity.  Now that is worth supporting!

3) Grow some of your own food.  You don’t have to be knowledgeable to start. Just give it a go.  I promise you that there is nothing like your own home grown tomatoes.


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