Elderflower Wine Making Workshop

Ever since I viewed the ‘Elderflower Wine Making’ episode on the TV show ‘River Cottage’, I have been mega keen to give it a go.

Hence my excitement when my local Seed Savers group are running a workshop this Saturday about this very topic.

So expect upcoming posts about making your own organic grog soon.  Also if you live around the Macarthur, Wollondilly or Southern Highlands areas,  feel free to come along – it’s a free event open to anyone who is interested.

Saturday the 21st of Feb at 10am

Free event open to anyone who is interested

Area is Rossmore (leave a comment if you are interested in coming and I will email you privately with the address or feel free to contact me directly – see my contact page)

From the Organiser
If you want to participate directly in the activities and be able to take home some of the days’ work, bring along one cleaned glass bottle for Cider and one for the Elderflower Wine. The bottles need to either have their own lids or be able to take crown seals (pop-top seals).



4 thoughts on “Elderflower Wine Making Workshop

  1. I’m so jealous! I really want to grow elder just so I can make elderflower drinks – cordial, wine, champagne. I can’t wait to read your post about it!

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    • Hello again!! You have been very busy on my blog today – thank you. The post will be uploaded one day this week – I often take a couple of days to absorb and ponder what I have learnt before even starting to write. It was a wonderful day. 🙂


    • Certainly will !! I am very excited about it. My ederflower post will be posted early next week – a couple of days after the workshop, allowing me time to adsorb what I have learnt. Did I mention that I am very excited! !

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