A Child’s Connection to Nature, Food and Self


We have been digging for potatoes.  It was our Little One’s first experience, of feeling a home grown spud in her tiny hands. 

She lovingly carried it around the garden while carefully inspecting it. However despite my assurances of the potatoe’s name and function, our Little One loudly announced “BALL” then proceeded to throw it onto the grass ahead.

There is much to learn – for both of us.

In a world that values knowledge of and connection to technology more than the natural environment and self awareness,  it’s important as parents we show and explain the difference.

As her mum, what do I believe are the essential lessons I would strive to install – above all else?  This is the very question I have been reflecting upon as I sense my own need to be clear and focused on the answer.

My reflections (in no particular order)

Mindfulness – awareness of what is physically happening at the present moment. What can you hear, feel and smell, while disregarding the sense of sight and ignoring one’s own thoughts.  Practiced daily, mindfulness can bring grounded peace even amongst life’s inevitable trials.

Compassion – everyone shares the need to love and be loved.  We are all equal – not one being more or less important than another. Despite what others may say, compassion is not weakness but the ultimate strength – raising your voice for those who can’t,  even against strong opposition. Always remember animals feel pain and fear just like humans. And being compassionate to ourselves is just as important as being compassionate to others.

Gratitude – being focused and grateful on what you have, instead of what you don’t have,  leads to freedom and happiness. By no means does this imply that ‘settling’ is a virtue – one can be content while achieving goals and targets. Nothing new can be experienced without first being grateful.

Creativity – beyond painting and drawing, creativity is used to solve problems.  Nothing is impossible, we are usually only limited by our imagination.

Beliefs – what we believe we can do and can’t, ultimately becomes accurate.  To change the outcome, change what you believe. First however you need to be aware of what you believe.

Purpose – ‘to love, be loved and to make a positive difference’, is my own personal ‘meaning of life’.  I pray she will discover early in life her own meaningful purpose for living.


11 thoughts on “A Child’s Connection to Nature, Food and Self

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  2. Lovely, thank you 🙂 It’s funny but my childhood vege memories include picking heads of lettuce (that always had slugs inside – ewww!) and we had mountains of gorgeous green skinned pumpkins every autumn. Of course, noone here knows anything about green skinned pumpkins and think they must have all been underripe but they weren’t. Lovely and sweet and orange on the inside. Do you know the kind I mean? They grew like weeds in my parents’ garden. Can’t get them here.

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      • A quick google search turned up ‘Queesland Blue’ which looks right. So I guess blue pumpkins, not green -lol. Wish I could post a pic here. Fabulous contrast between the grey blue skin and deep orange flesh.


      • Thankyou I am going to look into Queensland Blue pumpkins – we could do with a little sunny Queensland with all this rain we have had this summer (larger tomatoes are spitting). Thankyou GreenEggs. 🙂

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  3. “In a world that values knowledge of and connection to technology more than the natural environment and self awareness, it’s important as parents we show and explain the difference.”
    I love this. Couldn’t agree with you more. And I love that your LO got to dig potatoes with you today. We are getting ready to plant ours in the next week or two so my boys will be doing the same in a few months. Homegrown potatoes, and homegrown experiences for our kids, are the best.

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    • Hello GreenEggs. 🙂 Yes home grown experiences are special. I have happy memories of growing carrots and corn with my family (I am sure we grew other veggies too but can’t remember). Thankyou for your email – it was waiting for me when I woke this morning (I’m feeling better than yesterday -thankyou). I will respond tonight to your lovely email. I am going to ask some mothers who have lived in the area from birth about your friend – see if we can get you reconnected. 🙂

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