My Commitment to Post Daily, Even When Life Gets in the Way

I assumed it was the days of little sleep that caused my physical exhaustion (reasonable assumption).  However my high fever, vertigo and stomach cramps that followed, indicated another possibility – I picked up a nasty bug.

Furthermore it was apparent that our Little One had picked up the bug too, which was perhaps the reason she wasn’t sleeping at night (causing my lack of sleep too).

It’s times like these, I am reminded by the saying ‘sometimes life gets in the way of what you want to do’.

Regular readers would have noticed my posting frequency has become daily this year. I have actually made a personal commitment to myself, to post every day because it is something I enjoyed and believed important.

But what do you do when ‘life gets in the way’?  This past week I have been posting mostly completed draft posts – saved and ready for times like these.

Another ‘secret’ to my commitment to post daily, is that sustainability isn’t something that I just do in free time.  Sustainabity is now a lifestyle – what we eat, do, buy and even invest in. Therefore there is an abundance of post topics on what we simply do each day.

Here’s to this week being healthier for all on my home front and I wish a brilliant week for you too. 🙂



2 thoughts on “My Commitment to Post Daily, Even When Life Gets in the Way

  1. That’s a big commitment, Sahrn, and I can identify with your “sustainability isn’t something that I just do in free time” statement. Recently we explained to friends that it is not a ‘hobby’ and it’s not ‘our thing’.
    I also found that living sustainably actually frees up time for doing the things that really matter.


    • Yes frees up your time! You have me thinking now Veronique – a blog post may be coming on this topic (strange unstainable human behaviours – like driving to the gym only to get on a treadmill). Thankyou for the inspiration 🙂

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