Photograph Sunday – A Perfect Sunny Day


Thinking of my gardening bloggers in the Northern Hemisphere.   Hoping this blue sky photograph adds some sunshine into your winter’s day and weekend.  Your spring is just around the corner.

Have a great weekend everyone!


6 thoughts on “Photograph Sunday – A Perfect Sunny Day

  1. Lovely pic – thanks! We are fortunate here in Charlotte, North Carolina to be famous for our ‘Carolina Blue’ skies that help to keep the winter blahs away. Right now I am feeling for my buddies in New England who are getting hit (again) with feet of snow. Ugh! After living in London and NE Ohio for so many years I’ll never take blue skies for granted again!

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      • You know, it is nice here. Reminds me a lot of home actually; easy living and (generally) happy people, mild winters and hot dry summers with (occasional) water restrictions and dead brown grass -lol. We are 2 hrs to skiing in the winter and 3ish hours to the beach in summer. Still, I can’t buy passionfruit and no one knows what pavlova is so… still a little homesick 😦


      • I could imagine being homesick for Australia if we moved overseas too. Anyone who moves away from their ‘mother’ country will experience the same longing. As I live where you grew up in Australia (Wollondilly/Southern Highlands), maybe I could photograph a special location for you?

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