I Am Many Things But Not Super Woman

Yes that is a photo of my gluteus maximus, donning a ‘great work’ sticker.

Evidently it’s been there the whole day, while the tradies finish the plumbing work on our home.  No guesses needed who put it there without my knowledge (it wasn’t the dogs).

I really wanted to share this photo, because increasingly I am receiving feedback to my supposedly ‘super woman’ status. “Wife, mother, photographer, entrepreneur, sustainability blogger….how do you do it?”

This comment saddens me because it is ALWAYS asked by an equally busy, inspirational and devoted mother.

I’m no super hero (I don’t believe anyone is), I am however very focused on what is important.

“There is never enough time to do everything but there is always time to do what’s most important”.

Daily I remind myself of not only what is important long term for myself and my family but also what is most important for today.  This helps to remove the ‘excess baggage’, so I can be more productive and energetic – to just get the important stuff done.

So yes that will mean children’s slippers will soak in the dog bowl at times, the baby bottle teat will be mistakenly placed back on the milk carton and I will wear encouragement stickers on my bottom all day.  I can not do everything, and I don’t want to try.




8 thoughts on “I Am Many Things But Not Super Woman

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  4. Insightful post Sahrn. I believe it’s the modern quest for perfection which we find overwhelming. Our life doesn’t demand perfection. It asks for mindfulness and for us to be present. It’s what I practice on a daily basis so I don’t miss the important stuff. The small moments that when knitted together make a life happy, fruitful and contented.

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