Needing Help to Identify this Insect


It has now been 18 months, since we moved to our semi rural home. 

Even though distinctive,  I have never seen these bugs when we lived in the inner city of Sydney (or anywhere in Sydney for that matter).

As yet, I have been unable to discover their identity.  Hence the call out for help.

What are they?  Are they a gardener’s friend or foe?


9 thoughts on “Needing Help to Identify this Insect

  1. Apologies for the late response. Thankyou everyone for your help and suggestions. I have been busy investigating all suggestions given (across my social media platforms). It appears that my Auntie Pat my have ‘hit the nail on the head’ with her response (added on my Facebook page). It appears that the Harlequin bug is a foe but thanks to the link below I have an organic solution. I will post about the solution down the track. Thankyou again everyone – I REALLY APPRECIATE THE HELP!


    • Thank you Taphian. I can’t believe how many bugs look like our infestation. I have added a detailed response in a separate comment. I really appreciate your help on this one – it was doing my head in.

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    • You are so right – the seed bugs look very similar. In fact everyone’s suggestions looked similar. I believe I have pin pointed the bug and unfortunately they are a foe. I have added the details in a separate comment. Thankyou again. 🙂


  2. I’m not sure, but they look something like what we call stink bugs. Again, not sure and maybe they’re something else. I know stink bugs suck fluid from plants. But again, I’m not sure that’s what they are. Not much help, am I?


    • Dan you have been helpful. I investigated everyone’s suggestions in detail (people gave me suggestions on Facebook and Twitter too). Dan it looks like I have an infestation of foes. I added more detail of my enemies in a separate comment. Thankyou again 🙂


      • That’s really interesting Sarhn. They remind me of a colorful squash bug, my most hated garden enemy. In the article your solution is said to be soapy water. I do remember a video showing how lethal just soapy water is to squash bugs. The video-maker sprayed the squash bugs and showed them dying before our eyes. Sweet revenge! I hope that is the simple solution for you.

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      • Dan I plan on trying on using the soapy water solution – just want to make sure my happy beneficial infestation of lady bugs are not harmed. Let’s see how I go?


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