Gluten and Dairy Free, Bean Vegetable Patties that Toddlers Will Eat

Here is a recipe for those bread crumbs you have been making, from bread crusts children won’t eat.  Of course you can use store purchased bread crumbs too.

This recipe is gluten and dairy free,  vegetarian, vegan, good for diabetics (portion controlled), and toddlers (our little one loves them.  The family male carnivore thought they were okay too.

Bean and Vegetable Patties
I don’t have quantities listed as you have freedom to add more or less of anything,  to suit your taste.

*  Garlic
*  Butter beans (or cannellini beans or chickpeas)
*  Vegetables (I use up what’s in the fridge or what is seasonal in the garden – this time I used mushrooms,  zucchini,  tomatoes and carrots)
*  Herbs (again what is fresh and currently growing in my garden: parsley flat and curly leaf and coriander confetti)
*  A tiny bit of sweet chilly sauce  (optonial but leave out if diabetic)
* Bread crumbs (gluten free)
* Bread crumbs for dusting

* Add everything into a food processor except the bread crumbs for dusting.


* Mix away till everything turns into a coarse paste.  If the mixture is too moist add more bread crumbs.
* Spread the bread crumbs for dusting onto a flat surface.
* Make hand full balls from the mixture and roll over the bread crumbs, ensuring a good coating.
* Fry balls over a medium heat in oil (I prefer rice bran oil). You can flatten the balls a little at this stage with a spatula.


* Fry till golden brown on each side.


They are nice with a little dairy free mayonnaise or sweet chilly sauce for vegans (avoid sweet chilly sauce if diabetic).

Enjoy 🙂


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