Self Seeded ‘Volunteer’ Plants

My friend and prominent Australian sustainabity blogger Gav (Greening of Gavin) has recently written about ‘volunteer food’.

Volunteer food?  Gav has coined a new phrase for self seeding edible plants – plants that grow up in your garden by themselves (seed left in the ground from the actual plant from previous seasons).

This has got me wondering, what ‘volunteer food’ is growing currently in your garden?


Currently in my garden rockett (as per photo), cherry tomatoes and zucchinis are growing in many places I haven’t planted them.

Some plants I have removed, some transplanted and some are left to grow just where they are.

It would be interesting to know, what volunteer food is growing in different garden locations around Australia and the world.


5 thoughts on “Self Seeded ‘Volunteer’ Plants

  1. I have cherry tomatoes that pop up all over the yard every spring. Some I pull like weeds (there that many) and some I leave. I’ve never planted them so it’s a mystery. I assume that birds are “depositing” them. They make a great treat for me and the chickens.

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    • Lucky chickens! Cherry tomatoes galore here too. Like you I have never planted them but up they come nonetheless. I thought the previous owners may have planted them at some stage until I discovered everyone I speak to in the town have them popping up in their garden too. It appears cherry tomatoes are prolific self seeders – little, sweet treats for everyone! !

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    • Hey James, did you know that birds cannot digest the seeds from the Solanaceae family which include tomatoes, capsicum, and chillies. In fact the heat from the chili doesn’t affect them. That is why you have tomatoes springing up everywhere. Same here, I have chillies, capsicums and tomatoes volunteering everywhere in spring. Apparently the plants adapted to use this method after the dinosaurs sprouted wings, grew feathers, and started to fly! I only found all this out after a bit of research when my chooks demolished two jaleneo bushes full of chillies!


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