What to do with Bread Crusts Children Won’t Eat?

In our childhood, we all had a family member, who insisted we eat our bread crusts. Upon reflection, this strong stance may have led some to believe that bread crusts were in fact a ‘super food’.

I’ve had an obvious epiphany – crusts are just bread.  The very same ingredients found in the bread crust, are also found in the bread (yes I know it is quite astonishing). 

My ‘tounge in cheek’, facetious tone is intentional.  Why sweat the ‘small stuff’ as parents? Instead of getting tougher on the issue of children eating their crusts, get funnier!

Funnier?  Yeah, let me tell you my personal crust eating in-joke:

Any crusts our Little One won’t eat, are frozen.  This container lives in our freezer and discarded crusts are added to the crust pile as time goes along.


When the container is full, I make bread crumbs. It is with these very bread crumbs that I make free range chicken schnitzels, sustainable fish cakes and vegetable patties etc.  All of which our Little One gobbles down.

Smiling to myself I think “yeah now you are eating your crusts!”

Reducing food waste can be humourous.


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