A Seed Savers Saturday

As previously mentioned,  I have joined my local Seed Savers group.  Yesterday was our monthly catch up.

To spend time amongst like minded ‘kindred spirits’, traveling on a similar journey, is always time well spent.

The Seed Savers organisation / movement is committed to preserving food diversity and promoting self reliance.

I always return from a gathering with an abundance of new knowledge.


The above photograph of a garlic braid was made by another local seed saver member.  It now hangs in our kitchen – a good six month supply for our family.  If you are interested, she sells her braided garlic through her online farmer’s store.

I have also returned with capsicum & basil seedlings, broad & butter bean seeds and pepino & lemon verbena clippings. 

Much of my garden has been populated and propagated from seeds, seedlings and clippings, gained from Seed Saver events.  It’s nice to think that my shared contributions, have also added to other member’s gardens.

Want to join a local Seed Savers group?  Check out http://www.seedsavers.net


2 thoughts on “A Seed Savers Saturday

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