Creating Play Space for Children in a Sustainable Garden

Sustainable, creative and magical is the goal for our garden.

Sustainable – growing of edibles,  collecting rain water etc.

Creative – adding beauty, composition and art into the garden. Why can’t sustainable gardens be beautiful and inspiring too?

Magical – channeling my inner child by creating spaces for our little one and friends to enjoy.

Not only separate children spaces dedicated for play but also incorporating secret and wondrous fun throughout the whole garden. Like painted murals in the vegetable garden and fairies amongst the nut trees – you get the idea.

For sustainablity to be embraced by younger generations, it needs to be fun.


This semi shady area of our garden has been set aside for a dedicated children’s play space (one of three spaces).

It doesn’t look much now but imagine this space with:

* sand pit surrounded by stepping tree logs
* colourful A-frame cubby house
* bright mushroom sculptures
* handmade bunting hanging through out the trees
* play water fountain feature
* plants and flowers to stimulate the senses – sight, smell, touch and taste.

All items used will be recycled, upcycled and restored by yours truly.

Building starts around the second week of February – we need to wait for the plumbers (unfortunately this area may be dug up during plumbing restoration work).

Do you have an area in your garden for children, that you love?  (feel free to add a comment with your blog link, that you would like to share)

3 thoughts on “Creating Play Space for Children in a Sustainable Garden

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