Pollinate Pumpkins and Zucchinis Yourself

This summer season was my first at growing pumpkin and zucchini seriously – as we now have space, since moving to our semi rural home (I previously tried growing them out of pots with no success).

Zucchinis and pumpkins are part of the cucurbit family – grow very quickly,  large prickly leaves and have large yellow flowers.  Cucumbers and squash are in the same family.

Having male and female flowers, these plants depend on bees to pollinate to produce fruit (technically they are all fruit and not vegetables as they have seeds).

My strategy was to grow, plenty of bee attracting plants in my garden, close to the cucurbits to help attract bees for them. Alas I have large plants with no fruit.

Time for a little pollination intervention.


Using a small paint brush,  softly dust pollen from one flower to another. 

I am no expert on hand pollinating flowers but it appears to be relatively straight forward (from what I have read).

Interested to hear if you have tried ‘hand pollination’ and your outcome?


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