Making Your Own Sustainable Garden Mulch

Nurseries charge around $12 for a bag of sugar cane mulch or around $25 for pea straw or lucerne mulch.  They are all of course packaged in plastic (which ultimately ends up in landfill).

Up until recently, I have being buying lucerne mulch for my garden but the cost adds up – especially in summer when mulch is greatly needed to save water and suppress weeds.

It was time to make my own garden mulch more sustainably.

I purchased a second hand garden mulcher for $20 off Ebay and got to work.


It runs off electricty, meaning on a bright, sunny day we use the power of the sun (free and clean energy).

It took only two hours to make three large, blue bins full of mulch (see photo). I estimate this would be equivalent to two $25 mulch packaged bundles purchased at a nursery.  Considering the mulcher cost nothing to run, I say we have already saved money and there was no plastic package waste.

The branches, sticks and smaller logs came from our garden – fallen from storms etc over the last six months. I’ll just have to see how long the newly made mulch lasts.

I ensured I left plenty of logs, branches etc around our property for insects, lizzards and fairies – don’t forget the fairies.


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