Reduce Food Waste Goal

It has been a wonderful get together with some good friends today.  We brought a chocolate slice that I baked earlier today.

Only two pieces remain – a sign of a successful bake.

Homemade watermelon syrup was used as a ‘sweetner’ for the chocolate slice (change to my usual recipe).

I only made the syrup, as I had a large watermelon in the fridge just starting to ferment.  Instead of composting the watermelon, I decided to attempt to use it ~ some how.

My 2015 resolution is to reduce our food wastage.   We already save 100% of our kitchen waste going to landfill by composting / worm farming / bokashi binning etc. This was the next step – not to waste useable food.

In the spirit of being open, I don’t have a lot of previous experience of preserving food e.g. jams, pickling etc.  Just decided 2015 was the time to learn and become knowledgeable.

So the watermelon was saved and used by turning it into a sweet desert syrup.  The syrup was then used in my chocolate slice.   I’d say I am off to a good start.

Here is where I got the inspiration for the watermelon syrup.

Expect more posts on my preserving food experiments (the good, bad and ugly).


6 thoughts on “Reduce Food Waste Goal

  1. Wow you are doing great! I am also doing my best to avoid my kitchen waste going to landfill.. however I need to learn few techniqes on utilising surplus food ( fruits and veggies). looking forward to learn more!


    • Thankyou for the support and encouragement. Sounds like we are both at the same stage – learning about utilising usable surplus food. I will certainly be adding posts detailing my experiments.

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    • Hello my old cyber friend. It is good to hear from you – was only thinking of you the other day. Love to know how you go with your jam making. Is there a way to make jam without so much sugar?


      • I don’t like your chances of a ‘sugar reduced’ jam. All the recipes we’ve looked at so far it’s pretty 1:1 with the fruit. My husband is making his first batch of blackcurrant jam as I type this. I heard “I know what this tastes like” come from the kitchen not too long ago. “Ribena!” I can’t imagine why. 😐


      • Yes I figured a low sugar jam may be a big ask as the sugar is the preserve. Mmmmm I loved Ribena so I bet your jam tasted yummy!!!


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