Simple Ideas to Clean Up the Garage

Now that we have been living in our new home for over a year, there was no excuse for the state of our garage.

First project for 2015, was to clean and organise our ‘little bomb zone’.

It took over three days (started on the 31st of Dec), but I have finished.  Feeling pretty good about it too.

This will actually save us money, as we can find what we have and hence limit the need to buy more. I don’t have to tell you how this benefits our planet.

First we cleared the garage floor of ‘stuff’ – it all went onto the driveway.

Cleaning up the garage

Can you find our Little One amongst the mess?

Now we have space to get creatively tidy:

Using a huge left over lattice sheet, I made a hanging wall for tools.

Using scrap wood lying around, I created a ‘spice rack’.  Then old glass jars were used to sort screws, nuts, bolts, nails, latches etc. Everything now can be easily seen and hence found.

Scrap wood and glass jars used to tidy nuts and bolts.

Using scrap wood planks and saved baby Nan formula tins, I very easily created shelves within the existing bigger shelves.

Saving Nan baby formula tins.

Garage shelf made from Nan baby formula tins and scape wood planks.

Now I am sitting on the front verandah,  enjoying the satisfaction of a finished project.

What summer projects are on your list?


2 thoughts on “Simple Ideas to Clean Up the Garage

  1. It always feels good to finish a project like this! I tend to keep my garage in a clean state as much as possible. I slip every now and again but I consider it my manly duty to keep it organized and ready for the next project! Great job!


    • Hi James! I can assure you from now on our garage will be tidy – just had to get it sorted after we moved (everything will didn’t need was thrown into the poor old garage). I am impressed with your ‘manly duty’ commitment.


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