Update On Our Native American Seed Planting Experiment


Apologies for my recent ‘silence’ after my last post about my Native American inspired seed planting experiment – it’s the silly season for work.

Here is a quick run down on the experiment:

Apparently the Native Americans, always planted corn, beans and squash together.   The corn stalks became ‘stakes’ for the beans to climb.   The beans produced nitrogen needed by the corn and squash (and helped stabalised the corn from winds). The squash’s (or in my case, pumpkins) large leaves acted as a mulch, suppressing weeds.

The corn is now approximately 1.5 meters high with the beans using them nicely as stakes.   The pumpkin look happy too.  The only setback was a tremendous wind storm we had a little while back.  Corn was flattened!  I attempted to save them using bamboo stakes, which has appeared to work well (beans have however used the stakes too).  Had we not had the wind storm we would never need the stakes.  I believe the experiment was successful.  So much so I will continue to plant this combination going forward as it is a great garden space saver – three crops in one area where I would usually only grow pumpkins.






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