Two Wicking Beds Completed (Four to Go)

As with most new projects, it took awhile for the first wicking bed to be completed.   However the second one was completed in considerably less time (we knew what we were doing). Only four remain to be completed.


Here is a refresher on our wicking garden bed’s project.

What challenges have we encountered?

*  The beds were leveled when we started however the two completed beds have sunk a little unevenly.  Maybe a car jack could be used to raise the bed corners in question,  so we can prop them up?

* We have run out of old carpet after the second completed bed.  Hence some ‘thinking out of the box’ was needed if we were to achieve our goal of using only recycled materials.   Today we spoke to a local carpet layer who has a job tomorrow, ripping up old carpet and said we can have it – perfect!

* We have been racing against the time and weather.   The only area where the recycled concrete gravel and organic soil could be deposited, was in a water way (when heavy rains fall).  If we don’t move the gravel and soil before the next big rains, we literally will be watching money wash down the drain.


Hopefully we will be ready to plant seeds and seedlings in the beds, within a week.  Fingers crossed.


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