Toilet Roll Garden Pots for Seed Plantings

We have been saving our toilet paper rolls.  Why?  Because I wanted to trial seed planting inside the rolls.

My first attempt proved faster to complete a seed planting session, than newspaper pots.

Toilet Roll Seed Plantings

One challenge however was to not spill soil everywhere with my hand spade.  This was my solution.

Solution for Filling Toilet Rolls with Soil, Ready for Seed Planting

Even though I placed all the rolls on a seed planting tray, they were still susceptible to falling over and loosing the soil from the bottom.  Keep seedings out of the wind and away from curious toddlers (not mentioning any names).

When ready to plant the seedlings into the garden,  I could use a kitchen spatula to pick them up carefully and then plant the seedling and roll straight into the garden.


6 thoughts on “Toilet Roll Garden Pots for Seed Plantings

  1. I have done similar and to assure that the root mass does not fall apart when lifting, I seed in some buckwheat along with the main crop seed. The buckwheat shoots up, and down, with a quick mass of rootlets that hold the soil together. After transplant, the buckwheat greens make a tidy snack


    • Hi Zachary, that is a really clever solution. Does the buckwheat ever crowd your main crop? Do you do this for all crops? I was thinking of just adding newspaper with an elastic band to the bottom. Then remove the band when transplanting. Your idea however has got me thinking.


      • The buckwheat grows quickly, but – seriously – the little sprouts are very tasty, and so disappear as a snack. The robust roots remain to hold the bits of soil at the bottom, but do not crowd other roots, and probably help channel your crop plant root development. Others might have investigated using a legume for nitrogen-fixing, or some other characteristic. I use buckwheat because it sprouts quickly and has “a high root volume in the upper soil stratum.”
        When planting the toilet rolls, you might want to rip it open a bit so that the crop roots can break out!


      • Really clever idea Zack! Thank you for the tip on the tasty buckwheat sprouts. Love what I can learn from people’s comments. Thank you again for sharing. 🙂


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